Add IN Instead of Cutting Out!

No one likes to feel deprived, yet strict diets that call for rapid elimination of favorite foods is almost certain to leave you feeling deprived. Focusing on avoiding forbidden foods often results in you fixating on ‘bad’ foods far more than you ever did before.

Instead of a mindset of depravation, we are far more likely to succeed in improving diet if the focus is on adding in nutritious foods. Not only will this positive mindset help you make more long term changes, but you’ll likely find that in these positive additions will gradually replace the less healthy foods in your diet and spur you on to more healthy choices!

Need help getting started? Try these simple, tasty, and healthy additions to your diet today. In no time you may just find you have painlessly made over your diet!

1. Add in: Chia Seeds

Why: Chia seeds are a terrific source of omega 3 fatty acids and fiber, and protein. How: Try sprinkling chia seeds yogurt, salads, and oatmeal, or add them into your favorite smoothie.

2. Add in: Sparkling Water

Why: Sparkling water offers the fizz many people enjoy in sodas, but without all the sugar and/or artificial sweetener. Plus, it helps keep you hydrated which can prevent overeating.

How: You don’t have to focus on kicking the soda habit cold turkey. Instead, try drinking one sparkling water for every one soda you drink and you’ll soon want to add in even more sparkling water!

3. Add in: Berries

Why: The rich levels of antioxidants make berries a superfood and their natural sweetness makes them a delicious treat!

How: You can add berries in a multitude of ways, but one good option is a adding a cup of berries (maybe sprinkled with chia seeds!) as an afternoon snack. You’ll get a sweet treat packed with nutrients and fiber that will help keep you full until dinner.

4. Add in: Cauliflower

Why: Cruciferous veggies like cauliflower are credited with all sorts of benefits ranging from trimmer waistlines to fighting cancer. Cauliflower earns a top spot as a great add in because of its mild flavor that works with so many dishes.

How: You can add roasted cauliflower as a filling side with any meal, or get creative by adding riced cauliflower to your stir fry or pureed cauliflower in your favorite mac and cheese!

5. Add in: High Quality Coffee Beans

Why: Coffee is most people’s single greatest source of antioxidants, but many of us are offsetting those benefits by adding sugar, artificial sweetener, and processed creamers to our morning joe.

How: By switching to a high quality coffee you may find you actually like the natural taste of coffee itself and don’t need to disguise it with all the sugar and processed ingredients. If you still need a little something to cut the bitterness, try adding in plain creamer from grassfed cows or some coconut milk.

6. Add in: Beets

Why: Not only do beets offer plenty of vitamins and nutrients, their natural red hue makes them an easy way to add in veggies for those who shy away from green! How: If a green smoothie just isn’t appetizing to you, try adding veggies to your smoothie in the form of beets. Your favorite strawberry smoothie will still look the same, but you’ll be getting a serving of veggies as you sip!