5 Essential Kitchen Tools that Make Healthy Eating Easier

Most of us agree that cooking at home is a terrific way to eat a healthier diet and save money. What is not always so easy is doing the actual cooking! Whether you are new to cooking or have simply spent a lifetime avoiding the stove, these 5 essential tools will make cooking (almost) effortless for even the most novice cook:

1) Measuring Tools.

Correctly following even simple recipes requires accurate measurements if you want good results. To accurately measure all types of ingredients you will want to make sure you have a set of measuring spoons, a glass measuring cup with a spout for pouring, and a set of measuring cups for dry ingredients. All of these items can easily be found at low price points making them an affordable addition to your kitchen arsenal.

2) Chef’s Knife and Paring Knife.

While you can certainly purchase a specialty knife for almost any cutting or chopping task out there, a chef’s knife and paring knife (along with kitchen shears—see must-have item #5) can handle almost any cutting or chopping challenge that may come your way. Use the chef’s knife as your all-purpose knife as its long blade can efficiently handle everything from produce to meat. Pull out the paring knife for more intricate and delicate work like peeling foods, dicing garlic, and other similar tasks. If properly taken care of, these two knives can last you years and years.

3) Slow Cooker.

If you want to have more home cooked meals, but don’t have the time and/or inclination to spend lots of time in the kitchen, the slow cooker is just the solution you’ve been searching for. The idea that the slow cooker is only good for soups and stews limits the powers of this super helpful gadget. You will be impressed to find you can do everything from roast a chicken to cook a lasagna all from the convenience of a slow cooker. The only cooking skills required are the ability to toss in a few ingredients and set a timer. You’ll have a fresh homemade dinner waiting on you by the end of the day!

4) Immersion Blender.

Commercial grade blenders have gained tremendous popularity in recent years, but for most of us an immersion blender will take care of all you need—and at a fraction of the cost. Immersion blenders, also known as stick blenders, have a small handheld motor at one end and a sharp rotating blade attached by a thin rod at the other end. This means that immersions blenders take up practically no space in small kitchens, but still allow you to make smoothies, purees, sauces, and more.

5) Kitchen Shears.

Kitchen shears can save you both time and effort in the kitchen. Use your shears for chopping herbs, opening food packages, slicing homemade pizza, quickly cutting salad ingredients, and more. Added bonus: if you are cooking for young children, kitchen shears provide a quick and easy way to cut foods into small, manageable bites.