Eating Well on Vacation

Aside from experiencing cultural attractions and breathtaking landscapes, enjoying local ethnic food is right at the top of the list as being the best part of a vacation. As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. That means savoring sushi in Japan, enjoying a baguette and Gruyère cheese in France, and delighting in Italy's fresh, handmade pasta, not to mention their unbelievable gelato. But, just because you're on a much-needed vacay doesn't mean you should overindulge your inner foodie. That's not to say you can't enjoy yourself, but rather you should moderate by finding a healthy balance.

How does one moderate their food desires when faced with such mouth-watering delights? Well, here are a few sure-fire tricks to keep you both satiated and sane while on your trip.

Don’t Start Your Vacation until you are OFF the Plane

Before you walk out that door, pack a healthy meal for the plane ride, or at least a good nutrient-rich snack, like veggies and hummus, a serving of almonds, or some low-fat cheese. However, if you're in a rush, there's plenty of healthy options at airports nowadays, so it'll be easy to find things like fruit, Greek yogurt, or a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread before you board the plane. The key to flying is hydration, so don't forget to keep a water bottle with you at all times to stave off grogginess and jet lag.

Skip The Cute, Little Mini-Bar

Mini chocolates, mini soda, mini bottles of booze, hello! Instead, say goodbye to the cute, little mini-bar packed to the brim with sugar and salt, and head over to a local market for fresh produce. It's a pleasant way to get a 'lay of the land,' so to speak, and provides you with the chance to stock your hotel room with tasty treats and fresh fruit that's in season, all while getting to know an exciting city.

Take The Time To Eat Breakfast

Don't even think of skipping such an essential meal. In fact, if anything, you should take the time to sit and have a hearty breakfast before your jam-packed day of sightseeing. Regardless of what you eat, add plenty of fruit. Doing so curbs the likelihood of reaching for that sweet-smelling pastry. Also, avoid heavy, greasy foods like bacon, and opt for healthier choices that will provide you with tons of energy, such as antioxidant-rich berries, whole-wheat toast, or a filling veggie omelet.

Remember, When in Rome...!

Going on vacation is about enjoying yourself, right? So, when in another country, you'll certainly want to try out the best ethnic dishes. However, this doesn't mean you should go nuts and eat everything in sight. Before your big trip, do a bit of research and make it a point to try out some of the more well-known local dishes, and stick to the ones that seem the most appealing. Travelling to Tokyo? Then, by all means, enjoy the sushi. Rolling through Rome? When you're there, savor that pasta. Don't skimp on the experience of traveling, simply don't splurge.

Also, try to keep all that food fun for just one meal each day and try and keep the other meals a little lighter. That will ensure you feel better throughout your trip and have more energy!

Being on vacation can be fun, exciting, and healthy all at the same time. In the end, with these helpful eating tips, it's easier than you think to stay on top of healthy eating, even when abroad. So, go ahead, have a great time, and don't just savor the meals, savor the experience too!