Dieting can be difficult and frustrating for most of us.
Restrictive diets make it difficult for us to stick with the program and even though losing weight feels great, it is incredibly frustrating when we gain it all back!

At Me Only Better, we will help you break that yo-yo dieting cycle! We will provide you with a cognitive framework to make permanent changes in your life that will allow you to change your relationship with food and exercise forever- no more dieting!

Our unique application of psychology to the field of weight management allows us to focus on many of the difficult issues and concepts you face in weight loss and weight management. These include:

  • * Emotional Eating
  • * Sabotaging Thoughts and Situations
  • * Time Management Issues
  • * Diminishing Discouragement
  • * Self-Motivation
  • * Developing Food and Exercise Discipline
  • * Maintaining Control in Special Situations (Holidays, Travel, etc)
  • * Dealing with Food Pushers
  • * Dealing with Cravings
  • * Arranging your Environment
  • * Changing the Impact of Stress and Triggers

In addition to these weight management services, we also offer evaluations for bariatric surgery, as well as pre- and -post surgery maintenance.

In collaboration with our Weight Loss and Weight Management Program, we also offer customized Workout Plans for our clients. Exercise Programming can be a very effective and beneficial addition to any weight management program. Compared to other weight management programs, our program gives you the added benefit of receiving both weight management and exercise programs under one roof.

We can provide:

*Customized Workout Program for you to use with your own Trainer

*Customized Workout Programs for you to Complete on your Own

*Meal-planning and Nutritional Consultation Services

Diets just restrict your intake so you lose weight, but they don't teach you how to maintain that! We will teach you how to make permanent changes in your life that you can feel great about!